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Impact of ICT in our daily life

As human being we are always attach with lot of essential things in our life. Jobs, education,retailing, banking these are the compulsory things in our life. It was very hard to get in touch with these before technology changed our life and made it easier for us. It has contributed a lot to  exchange our life from writing a letter which could take one month to arrive to the receiver to writing an e-mail which can be received by the receiver in just one minute, from going to the shop to choose and buy things to choose and buy using E-commerce and no one even needs to go to the shop to collect their goods. Sticking with the book for whole day can be very amusing for the students. Thanks to IT which introduced us to an innovative way of studying. Some of the topics are described in more details below which are changed because of IT.

Information and technology has helped a lot in the field of jobs. IT industry introduced some unique and rare jobs which wasn't very popular even in late 1980. This field has appeared as a solution to increase the number of employments and reduce the number of unemployment in our society. IT industry created a lot of job facilities for people who have skills in IT. It has created jobs like- Web developer, IT network administrator, computer game designer, IT technicians etc. IT industry also helped many people to become successful self-employer. For example-Steve Jobs who was the founder of Apple Inc. along with Ronald Wayne.  Bill Gates who is the founder of “Microsoft.” Mark Zuckerberg the founder of famous social networking site “Facebook.” This is also helpful because they have also employed people in their own company which is also part of IT industry.
It has not only created jobs for many people, but it has also taken away many jobs in the society. For example- now a days people like to buy their products online which has led to reduction in floor jobs. For example- Comet has gone into administration because it can’t cope with the online competition from different online shopping like Amazon and Ebay.
The technology helped us in our education as well. This has introduced the easiest way of learning and teaching for both students and the teachers. It has also introduced us to know about modern discoveries and also historical things as well. We can use internet every where to different books and also we can watch videos on the internet to get more ideas about the topic that we want to research on. Now a days we use projector in our school and other educational field to discuss the work with the whole class. 

We can also get ideas by reading blogs about different things and also discuss each others view about some topics that is related to the education using blogs. We can also ask question from our teacher using emails while we are at home which could be very important especially before the exam day and we can also research on the internet and we don't have to look at the books and find the right page. This saves lot of time for the students. We can also take help from our friends to learn in a collaborate environment.

Although there are some advantages of using IT in our education it also has some disadvantages as well. Now a days people relies on the Internet too much that they believe on everything that is written on the web page. It has also taken the jobs from the library as because most of the people rely on the internet library as because they can buy their favourite books on the internet. So libraries are shutting down because people are relying on the Internet library.

Crime and Policing-

IT has introduced a lot of things which prevents people committing crime. CCTV camera, GPRS system, using database for finding criminals' information are some unique thing which can not be possible without the blessing of IT. In common days police uses GPRS to track someone's car,mobile phone if it has been stolen. Police uses CCTV camera to detect criminals' face. Fingerprint is another especial method with which the police can identify the thieves. This is making our life safer and very easy in many ways. For example- in big super markets like ASDA or Tesco doesn't need to think about too much if someone tries to still their products, because some products have got chips which can be detected if that product isn't swiped over the bar code reader. 

They can also use CCTV cameras to help them protecting their products. 

The main disadvantage created by the technology system is that anyone who knows how to create program, they can hack others device using viruses, Phishing and also Malicious software. They can be very threatening as because they can take your information which can be very confidential for you. I.e. Your bank card. Sometimes people also delete others files to annoy people which can led someone to loose their important work as well.


IT has impacted on Retailing and we are greatly enjoying the benefit of using IT on Retailing. We are using IT on Retailing which helps us to buy anything 24/7 everyday. We can use this facility to choose whatever we want  at any time we want. We can choose range of items on the internet and we don't even have to go to a place to choose whatever we want. We can also reserve the items on the internet. We can pay for the items on the internet with a safe internet payment option which is paypal. We can also choose products from different countries on the internet and buy them using the advantage of IT. IT also helped companies to make more money and spend less on their business. The company does not need to hire more staffs for the company. 
Although it has some advantage on Retailing but there are some disadvantage as well. It can sometimes become very discouraging for small shops as they can't compete with big supermarkets like Tesco which has both online shopping and normal shopping facility for the consumers. So they have to close their shops. Sometimes the customers can't get their necessary staffs when they needed because of the late delivery.

When we get sick,we don't want to go to anywhere instead of staying at home. But we had to move on from that point and we had to forcefully take ourselves to the doctors. Taking appointment, talking to the receptionist, describing the problem we have and then then waiting for it, increases our illness. This is when IT comes to help us. Now a days we don't need to go to the doctor and describe our problems, we can use Internet to contact with our doctor. We can use also use IT to do face to face communication with our doctor even though we are at home. We can also frequently ask question to our doctors and they can also answer us using E-mails.
 We doesn't have to even take appointment to contact with our doctors and we can contact with our doctor whenever we want. We can also use this facility to learn about our disease and how to cure ourselves. We can search on the internet to research about the disease and the medicine we have to use to get better. It is also very helpful for those students who are studying to become doctors and also who like to know more about different kind of medicines. 

IT provides us with lot of advantages. But it also has some disadvantages. If someone uses computer for long time then they can get headache, it can also cause neck pain, can make them nothing apart from sitting in front of the computer. Some teenagers also puts too much time on their games instead of studying or taking part in different physical activities. Some people also gets stretch if they get bullied on the internet, which may stop them to go outside and they sometimes feel scared to talk to anybody. 


Communication is a very important technique which is used to make a business very famous. In earlier days, people used to communicate in a different way. They had to go to everyone's house to promote their products which could take a long time to promote their product. They sometimes used to take long journey so that they can deal with someone and they can expand their business. Since technology has arrived,people still using the technique which is communication but they have changed the method of promoting their products or dealing  with someone who is far from one another. Instead of going to everyone's house separately, people are making advertisement, which not involves one area or a country but the whole world and we can also use IT to communicate someone who too far from each other. We can use e-mailing method to know more about our customers. They can also frequently ask us some questions related to our business. 

But sometimes we can't heavily rely on writing e-mails as because we can't sometimes share what we are feeling or what we are actually want to ask. So it becomes very compulsory for us to have face to face communication with them. This is when we exploit IT in our life. Video conferencing which assembled us together via internet. We can use this technique to communicate with someone face to face and we can use this benefit for meeting or if we are trying to work together with other company which can be situated in other countries. 

IT has also some negative effect on Business. We rely too much on technology and so we always put whatever we do in our computers. So it increases the cost of a company as the company needs to use LAN and WAN to expand their businesses. Our servers can also crash or get damaged and it can cost millions of pounds for the company to repair. The chance of loosing the whole companies files are random as well. It sometimes can make easier for hackers to break the firewall of the company and use it for their own purposes. So the company needs extra employer which is a network administrator who deals with these things and therefore the company has to pay him as well.

To learn more about video conferencing use this site.(

Money and banking

IT has also showed its beneficial points on money and banking which helped us a lot to buy  necessary things using E-commerce which includes online shopping, online selling etc. It also helped lot of companies to deal with other companies. We can use online money and banking service 24/7 hours a day. Which means people can use this benefit whenever they want from any part of the world. We can also go to different countries and use our same banking account to take money or put money on our account. This is possible because of the WAN (Wide area Network.)  We can also get monthly statement using internet, so we can compare our statement every month and make our plan for upcoming months. We can also transfer money from one country to other buy using online banking. IT has also introduced us to an Eco-friendly world by using less papers for the money and banking. All the information can be stored in our computer and we don't have to worry about loosing important papers.
We sometimes face great problems using IT on Money and banking. There are lot of people who makes malicious software which are used to hack others information on the computer. So when someone stores their bank information on their computer, those hackers steals their information and use it for their own benefit. Some times it can happen to the whole company and as a result they can loose all of their consumers' data. For example- Natwest and Nationwide banks also faced this kind of problem. This cost them a lot to repair their servers. Their customers as a result lost their money and also their information. Phishing is another method used by those people to hack information using internet. The company also needs to hire lot of staffs who have IT skills which means  lot of money needs to be spend on staffs and computers to store customers information.

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